SALOMON, S/Force AM 80+M10, Ski set – Πέδιλα σκι σετ


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Experience the force of all terrain skiing at every turn. The perfect choice for skiers always looking to carve their own line, Salomon´s S/FORCE AM has the perfect underfoot width for crushing your way through any snow conditions. It combines a modern design and performing technologies, so you can enjoy your days on the slopes with plenty of confidence and style.


Edge grip:
– The Semi Sidewall construction is built to provide you with better edge grip at every turn.

Terrain absorption:
– The rocker tip provides optimum balance between terrain absorption and stability, so you can tackle all snow conditions with confidence.

Stability at speed:
– The Woodcore construction reduces vibration and provides optimum stability and a strong rebound even at high speeds.

Ti-C Frame:
– Poplar Woodcore: Woodcore offers stability, liveliness and forgiveness while ensuring good ski-to-snow contact.
– Single Ti: A single layer of titanal reinforcement on top of the core for great edge grip, efficient energy transfer and liveliness.
– Ti-C Frame
– Poplar Woodcore
– Single Ti

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169 cm