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The X ACCESS 80 WIDE by Salomon is a ski boot featuring a 4-buckle system for a powerful closure and comfortable hold. The micrometric settings allow every skier to adjust each buckle perfectly and get the right fit. Special mention for the bright and colourful cosmetics! 

What can the Salomon X ACCESS 80 WIDE ski boot do?

The Access 80 is the entry-level boot in the range, it is the one with the widest forefoot (104mm) and the softer flex (80) meaning it is the most comfortable and progressive one. It is a forgiving boot ideally suited for a smooth and painless progression on the slopes. It features the Twin Frame technology designed to enhance control and feel, a confidence-booster in other words. It also boasts the Oversized Pivot technology for more effective energy transmissions to the ski edges. You will ski better and will provide less efforts. How cool is that huh?

Who is the Salomon X ACCESS 80 WIDE ski boot designed for?

We recommend it to intermediates and advanced skiers and to skiers with wide feet in general. If you want to progress painlessly, the X Access 80 Wide is the right pick to make. Versatile performance and 5-star comfort.

What are the main assets of the Salomon X ACCESS 80 WIDE ski boot?


Wide fit


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